Future of Online Gambling in Finland

At the time of writing, no private or offshore operator can obtain an online gambling license in Finland.

In the absence of proper online gambling laws, there is nothing to prevent offshore online casinos from accepting Finnish players and Finnish players from signing up at offshore online casinos https://PetersCasino.fi/.

There are statistics to show that the residents of Finland have a weakness for gambling. According to a report by H2 Gambling Capital, they spend over €10 billion on different types of gambling games.

Finns are fond of placing bets online, and it is just a matter of time before the government realizes this simple truth and takes advantage of it.

The best option for the Government of Finland would be to properly regulate its online gambling industry, eliminate the gambling monopoly, and throw open the industry to offshore and private operators, just as Sweden has already done.

This would not only lead to increased tax revenue for the country, but also extra protection for the players.

Proper gambling laws would not only protect players from unlicensed operators, but also protect vulnerable groups such as minors, problem gamblers, and gambling addicts by giving them the required information, support, and assistance.

Regulation would also enable operators to accept Finns legally and give them the best possible online gambling experience.