Nowadays there are many different kind of online casinos on the market. Majority of them are of course targeted to wider audience and can be found in English. However, when you’re lucky, you can find an online casino also in your native language. In that sense we Finns are often very lucky. But what if you want to play in an online casino, which is targeted to the Finnish market and you are not a fluent Finnish speaker? Typically, when typing in “online casino”, search engines are offering you only something from the UK markets, or casinos that are targeted to the entire world.

Sometimes it is best to choose those online casinos, that are targeted to quite niche markets. For us Finns this comes naturally, since we are using Finnish to look for the best possible casinos. The secret to finding smaller, but still interesting online casinos in Finland, is to start using Finnish keywords, such as “nettikasino”, “tervetulobonus” and “ilmaiskierrokset”. We will explain the meanings of these words later on in this article, so keep on reading!

Indeed, we are here to help. This article will introduce you guys to the most important keywords that you should use when looking for the best online casinos on the market. Let’s start digging into this by introducing some of the key elements you should be considering, when deciding what kind of casino to choose.

Things to consider

First of all it’s important to understand, that not all online casinos offer similar things. Some casinos are focusing on sportsbooks, others are concentrating on traditional casino games. These include slots, table games, video poker and quite often also live casino games. Some casinos offer also games like keno, bingo and lotto, but not all of them.

When you are choosing the best casino for you, it is important to figure out, what exactly is it that you want from a casino. Is it a great sportsbook or are you more interested in slots or table games? Or are scratch cards the thing you are most passionate about? Once you have decided what you want from your online casino, you should also think about the possible bonuses.

Find your best online casino

Are you interested in bonuses that many online casinos are offering to their new (and already existing) customers? And if so, what is your preference? Do you wish to get free spins or deposit bonuses, or both? How about cashbacks, are you interested in getting them as well? These are all important things to consider, since these determine the keywords that you should be using when finding a casino for yourself.

Crucial keywords and their meanings

Let’s say that you want to find an online casino, that is targeted for the Finnish market. Now you know, that you mainly want to play slots, maybe occasionally something else as well, but the main focus is now on the slots. OK. Then you also want to get some nice and juicy bonuses from the casino. You believe the best deal for you, as an enthusiastic slot player, would be an offer which includes both free spins and deposit bonus. Here we go!