Online Casino Regulation in Finland

Gambling in Finland has been a heavily regulated, government controlled industry after the Second World War.

Although the European Union (EU) is continuously pressurizing the country to end its gambling monopoly, Finland doesn’t appear to be succumbing to any pressure.

The country has a couple of land-based casinos and its residents are fond of betting on Pesapallo, a game similar to baseball.

Slots are available throughout the country, but they are licensed only to charitable institutions that use the proceeds to fund various charities.

In addition, the country has around 78 gaming arcades, 30,000+ slot machine games, and 250+ restaurants with table games.

Finland has its own state-run online casinos and online sports betting sites and lacks the legal framework required to prosecute citizens signing up at offshore online gambling sites.

Attempts to End the Monopoly

Finland is one of those countries that have been closely observing the developments in Sweden’s online casino gaming industry.

Impressed with Sweden’s regulatory framework, Finland now wants to put an end to its gambling monopoly.

Ending the monopoly, however, is not going to be an easy task as a number of lawmakers are not in favour of the move.

Some of them feel that ending the monopoly would have a negative impact on several organizations that depend on the funds generated by state-run gambling companies.

They argue that ending the monopoly will not solve the problems that the online gambling industry is currently facing.

So Finland is most likely to observe the developments in Sweden before making any changes, and this may take several years.